Help for the Room Information System

The Room Information System V:SCOUT from the company arTec GmbH allows the fast search of media such as books, magazines or movies. The position of that media in the room as well as the way there can be illustrated visually. It is possible to search for media and music areas as well as for service areas such as work stations or copiers. Additionally you can also book workstations within our group study rooms.

The user interface of V:SCOUT consists of the following parts: On the left side, there is the language selection, the search for media, music and service areas, the level selection as well as the booking system. The middle part includes the actual display area with the spatial display, and below the navigation (perspective change, zoom and the route display).

Navigator and display area

The media and services of the library can be displayed alternatively in the full view, as 3D view (from a bird's eye view), 2D view (as viewed from above), or as text view. The full view can be selected through the level selection left.

Above the navigator very right, there is the display area. With the left mouse button, you can slide the display window up, down, left and right.

Through the two loupes, the detail can be enlarged or reduced, or you can also adjust the zoom continuously with the help of the scroll bar.

The symbol with the footsteps right is the so-called pathfinder, which displays the way to the object sought after. The circle arrow left of it sets the display window back to its original position and size.

With pressing the stocks or services in the display area, you will be shown the exact descriptions and in many cases further information for the services. Additional Information are only available in german.

Level change

Down left there is the level selection, through which the three publicly available floors (level 1 to 3) of the main library of the Bücherhallen Hamburg and the full view can be selected.

Through clicking, the selected level is shown as a 3D view in the display area. At the same time, the background of the selected level is displayed in the colour magenta for the identification of the selection.

If you tip on "in detail" in the full view, then it also opens in the 3D view.

Area selection

The Room Information System V:SCOUT determines the position of the selection based on the selected media or music area. As soon as an area has been selected, the search result is shown left and the selected stock is highlighted in the display area in terms of colour and graphics. Also the service areas are highlighted accordingly in the display area after the selection. If services can be found on multiple levels, then this is shown in the left column and you can switch there through pressing the level.

Path display

The Room Information System V:SCOUT cannot only search for objects, but also display the way there with the so-called pathfinder (footsteps symbol right in the navigator). The main entrance is set up as starting point.

If a media, music or service area is searched for, then the way there from the current position is shown automatically as dotted line. If the area is on another floor, then the way over the stairs is shown. This works in the 2D view as well as in the 3D view. Through the button "show path", you can switch the pathfinder off and on again.


Diesen Service können Sie als aktive Kunden und Kooperationspartner der Bücherhallen Hamburg kostenlos nutzen. Einzelarbeitsplätze stehen Ihnen in der Bibliothek zur Verfügung, eine Reservierung für Einzelpersonen ist daher nicht möglich. Im Interesse anderer bitten wir Sie, nur die Anzahl an Plätzen zu reservieren, die Sie tatsächlich benötigen. Pro Tag können Sie Plätze für bis zu zwei Stunden reservieren. Sie können nur zur vollen Stunde reservieren. Sie müssen mindestens drei Tage und können maximal vier Wochen im Voraus reservieren.

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